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Pamela Smith pleaded guilty at district court on her first day. She was sentenced to 60 days in jail, 30 hours community service, and it must be served working with animals, cleaning cages, etc. 1,802.00 in fines and a 1 year supervised probation was also given.

Please read the horror that Jaxie Heppner (Beebe Humane Society) came apon when visiting Pamela Smith's property.

November 17, 2005

The evening of November 7 2005 I was called by Deputy Tanya Cross and asked if I could meet her at a location she was called to about dogs. When I arrived there Deputy Cross told me that the son's girlfriend had been there earlier and reported that no one had been to the home in 3 days or more. There we found a white Pit Bull Terrier tied at the side of the house, it looked as if it had starved to death. It was nothing but bones, the body was not decomposed but had some odor, there were no maggots but several bodies of eggs forming. It seems it had died earlier that day.

The neighbor stated that she released 2 other dogs from chains nearby, they had no food, no water and chains so tangled they could not have moved. When she released the dogs she stated that they started to eat the white Pit, I only pray that the white Pit was dead before all of this took place. The two dogs released were on the porch of the home, a female Pit and a female Rottweiller. They were emaciated, there were open sores, missing hair, red areas of infection, they were very weak and listless. Their bodies were covered in fleas and flea dirt, gums were red and infected. I brought them food that we opened and put in several places on the porch for them to eat, they could only eat a very small amount and laid back down.

There was also a puppy, female yellow at the site, extremely thin, no hair, covered in both demodectic mange and sarcoptic mange. Large areas of open sores, many bleeding and infected, gums pale and eye infection. This dog was also covered in fleas.

A small elderly crippled Chihuahua was in the yard area, she was also starving, covered in fleas and had open sores on her body. Her jaw looked as if it had been broken or injured, she only has a few teeth and cannot use her back left leg well at all. I also found later that she is blind in her left eye.

There were two 4 or 5 month old kittens, they were thin and covered in fleas. We also brought cat food so we placed it up on a table that was on the porch for them to eat.

Since there was a statement saying no one had been there in 3 days we removed the puppy and the old Chihauhau, they were taken to Beebe Humane Society. The two large dogs and two kittens were left with plenty of food for days. Deputy Cross then posted on the door for them to make contact and to not remove the remaining animals from the site. The next day we started to look for a refuge to take the animals left behind, we did find them all places by the next day. Deputy Cross then went back to check on the dogs and kittens and they had been removed from the home.

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